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Fertility, Maternity and Reproductive condition

After having three devastating miscarriages, followed by 18 months of inability to conceive, I thought that having our second child was something we wouldn’t be able to achieve without the assistance of IVF. We began to go through the tests and motions for starting IVF, and in the interim waiting for this grouling process to start I began to look for alternate methods, as a last chance to conceive ourselves. A friend of mine introduced me to Debbie, who had come highly recommended to her for her expertise and specialist treatments for women trying to conceive. I immediately contacted Debbie, who responded right away and provided me with so much valuable information. I was very excited to try reflexology, for many reasons but mainly to help us have our baby. I then met Debbie who has such a calming nature about her presence and within her beautifully relaxing treatment room we had a very thorough consultation which covered everything in depth. Debbie put me at so much ease and I never felt rushed to explain even the finer details. I had been diagnosed with having a very low egg count and borderline thyroid function. After just one treatment Debbie helped and guided me through diet and lifestyle changes, and my next test result showed I had an increase in my egg count and thyroid function was normal. I thought this was the high point, until after my fifth treatment dreams came true. I had a positive pregnancy test! I have continued to have regular treatments to keep baby and I healthy and where we need to be. I am now 6 months in and so genuinely thrilled and forever in Debbie’s debt. Thank you Debbie, from the bottom of my heart! Without your care and treatment I genuinely believe I would not have been able to get pregnant, without going through IVF therapy. Jess

I started a treatment plan with Debbie as my husband and I were trying for baby number 2. We had been trying for a few months when I heard reflexology can assist with fertility issues, so I decided to give it a try. I had a thorough consultation with Debbie so she could understand my cycle and any issues and tailored my treatment plan accordingly. After my first session I was hooked! The treatment was so relaxing. Debbie made me feel at ease and her room is warm and inviting. An hours treatment seems to pass in a matter of minutes. I’m not sure if it was down to reflexology, or luck, but on my second visit I was able to tell Debbie our good news…we were pregnant! I still see Debbie on a monthly basis, and she focuses on any aches and pains I’m encountering through pregnancy and I look forward to an hour of complete relaxation and me time. If anyone is unsure about taking the plunge and trying reflexology to help with fertility issues, or just for some r&r, I would say don’t hesitate. Debbie is lovely and does wonders with her hands…..I come out of sessions walking on air! Claire 

When I first came to Debbie I was trying to conceive my first child and had a very stressful and time consuming job. I was looking for a treatment that would help me to relax physically but also mentally. Before trying reflexology I had tried acupuncture, massages, facials etc and nothing had worked. I was nervous when I went to my first session with Debbie as I didn’t really know what reflexology entailed or how I would feel during the treatment. Debbie was very welcoming and listened to what I had to say and made me feel comfortable straight away. I felt the most relaxed I have ever felt during my first treatment and slowly over time have become better and better at slowing my mind and relaxing during my sessions. I see Debbie once a week and no matter how stressful my week has been I don’t mind because I know I have a session of “me time” to look forward to. Reflexology has helped my mental health as well as relaxing my physical body. I am also currently 12 weeks pregnant! Laura

I first booked a reflexology session with Debbie while I was recovering from surgery for severe endometriosis. Since then I have been having regular reflexology sessions to help with pain and also to combat stress. Every time I go, Debbie works absolute magic on my feet and I leave the sessions floating on air! I really look forward to my sessions and it’s like my own little piece of heaven on a regular basis! Would highly recommend to anyone! Rachael

I started seeing Debbie in early pregnancy – with a stressful job and previous miscarriage I was determined to do everything I could to help this pregnancy go smoothly, and prepare myself well for birth and beyond.  It feels like there are limited options for enjoyment when you’re pregnant sometimes, but I’ve come to really look forward to my regular reflexology sessions.  I always come away feeling thoroughly relaxed and ‘de-fogged’, and physical niggles often drift away.  I’ve had the odd reflexology treatment with other practitioners before and whilst I’ve always recognised the benefits, it has only been since seeing Debbie that I’ve been prepared to forsake other things to make sure I fit in my reflexology sessions.  I’m also finding that our sessions work really well alongside hypnobirth prep, and the sessions are great opportunities for me to practice my hypnobirth relaxation techniques – with the two combined I think I’m as well prepared as I can be for a calmer labour. Claire

After a couple of miscarriages I was feeling low.  As a trained complementary therapist myself I decided to try reflexology to help me relax and hopefully conceive again.  I was really fortunate to find Debbie.  From the start I experienced benefit from the sessions, feeling calmer and less stressed, helping to relieve some of the anxiety which comes with trying to become pregnant. Debbie clearly enjoys her work and is dedicated to acquiring and applying her knowledge to best support her clients.  I was fortunate to become pregnant again and have maintained regular reflexology throughout my pregnancy to continue to support me emotionally aswell as helping to alleviate some of the unpleasant pregnancy related symptoms which I have experienced. I have recommended Debbie to many of my friends and clients and will continue to do so. Dawn

I booked my first ever reflexology session at the end of my pregnancy, due date plus 5. It was absolutely fantastic, it was the most relaxing treatment I have ever had. Debbie is lovely and really made me feel relaxed. I would highly recommend her. I’m looking forward to having more reflexology with Debbie in the future. Sarah

During my second pregnancy I suffered terribly with varicose veins. They were so uncomfortable by my third trimester and I had tried every remedy without success. A friend suggested I give reflexology a go and even though I was sceptical I decided to try it out. I found Debbie’s details online and she was fantastic and really put me at ease. She made me feel extremely comfortable and explained exactly what she was going to do and why it should help. I found the treatments helped to reduce the swelling aswell as helping to keep me calm and I kept up my sessions throughout my third trimester. Once I hit full term Debbie was able to use specific techniques in order to encourage labour. After leaving Debbie that afternoon I went into labour that evening I couldn’t believe it! Finding Debbie was a miracle whilst I was pregnant I would highly recommend her for any health issues or even if you just need to switch off and relax! Michelle

Stress, relaxation and general maintenance

After searching for a long time to find the perfect reflexologist I found Debbie, fortunately she was able to fit me in, sometimes the journey of life can be difficult for us all in many ways. Debbie has the most calming aura which reflects with her treatments . she is truly wonderful . I cannot express how much I have benefited from our sessions , I feel an overwhelming sense of wellbeing , I have now restored control and focus In my life and feel very much Alive with every breath I take, I most definitely feel more harmonised and energised , what an amazing experience , thank you Debbie your the best , always look forward to next time it’s my calmness and therapy of my week. Amanda

Debbie is a breath of fresh air and very relaxing to be around even before the treatment as she has a naturally calming manner. With a stressful and demanding job I needed some way of managing my stress levels, I also struggle with allergy and sinus problems and hoped Reflexology may help. Over a course of 6 treatments I began to feel much calmer and more able to manage my stress levels. During a treatment I would also literally feel my nose clear and I felt that I could breathe more easily. I now have monthly treatments with Debbie which act as general maintenance, I really look forward to my treatments and couldn’t be without them. If you are looking for a Reflexologist in Manchester I would recommend Debbie without hesitation. Honey

I was actually looking for local massage therapy when I came across Debbie’s details online. I just felt that as a masseuse I needed to look after myself too, in order to give my patients the best service.  I had developed some aches and pains but nothing specific. I had tried reflexology before and found it helped. I had a course of treatment and now book in regularly for maintenance as I really feel that it helps. Debbie is really calm, professional and extremely good at her job. I feel so relaxed during a treatment and when she finds a ‘problem’ area that needs working on she does it so gently, quietly checking that I’m ok. I would highly recommend Debbie to anyone. Ulka

Reflexology was a mystery to me until I took the plunge last year and made an appointment with Debbie. Suffering with stress and sleepless nights, I was at the end of my tether and had lost the ability to de-stress and relax.  I had no idea how reflexology could help and was initially very scepticle about it – but almost ten months later, reflexology with Debbie has become a vital part of my wellbeing and overall health and I look forward to every session. Not only is Debbie a very experienced therapist, she’s also very soothing and has a ‘magic touch’ that pinpoints areas of pain, areas of stress and areas that are problematic and somehow soothes them and releases your stress. After a lovely reflexology session I feel completely relaxed and able to face any challenge head on; including health problems, work stress, personal stress, etc. Debbie also picked up on issues that she came across long before the medical profession diagnosed me with an underactive thyroid – and regular reflexology sessions enable me to deal with this confidently and with very little stress. If you’ve never had reflexology and you’re unsure how it could help, all I can say is TRY IT! After a few therapy sessions with Debbie, you start to feel ‘well’, in a way that you can’t describe…it’s just an overall sense of feeling calm, relaxed, balanced and complete. I can’t recommend her enough – thank you for ‘fixing’ me Debbie xxx Kim 


I had a reflexology session years ago but never had another as I didn’t feel any benefit from it. I heard last year it can help with migraines so recently had a course off Debbie. It was amazing! I felt so relaxed I almost fell asleep every time. Debbie is lovely and very meticulous, I felt from the first session that it would have a positive effect on me and I haven’t had a migraine since my course ended. I will definitely have Reflexology off Debbie again even if I don’t have any issues to resolve as I found it as relaxing as a back massage but it lasts longer! Anne Marie 

General health conditions

I cannot recommend Debbie highly enough. I have been receiving Reflexology over several weeks for long standing chronic health conditions and have had a noticeable improvement in my well-being. Debbie is friendly, knowledgeable and thorough and my sessions have been tailored throughout the treatment plan in accordance with current and improving symptoms. Debbie is genuinely interested in helping to improve health but I also have to say how relaxing the sessions are as well! It is a fantastic way to switch off and recharge with lasting benefits. Melanie 

I got to know Debbie Graham whilst she was training to be a clinical Reflexologist. Being a qualified Reflexologist myself I thought that she may be a bit daunted by this however Debbie is an excellent Reflexologist. Her attention to detail is an asset in this role and her warm and friendly personality made me feel very safe and able to express any issues that I may have. I am very picky on who I have treating me and am pleased to have met Debbie as from now on she is my reflexologist of choice (just hope she can fit me in as she is so good)!! Julie